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Oh Man, Slap My Wrist!!! [25 Jun 2009|12:47am]
I have been neglecting this blog, I know, but it's actually MOVING! That's right, folks, this blog is moving to http://disneyatheart.wordpress.com so go there, click "subscribe to reader or e-mail" and you're all set-up!

Disney At Heart is my new Disney blog where I'll be posting all-things Disney related, as well as reposting my college program experiences!

Check it out! I'm going to WDW in FIVE DAYS, YAY!

Once again, the URL is http://disneyatheart.wordpress.com.
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Twitter and DisFriends! [28 Apr 2009|07:29am]
I am sooooo sorry for being so out of touch for a while. I've been updating at http://bribri710.livejournal.com, though!

Anyway, if you guys haven't heard of http://www.disfriends.com, check it out! It's a web community for fans of Disney by fans of Disney, and it's pretty cool! This is my profile: http://www.disfriends.com/profile/Britt

Also, I'm on TWITTER! So, if you have that, follow me at: http://www.twitter.com/brittleshea.

Since I'm about to be late for class, I gotta run, but check me out and add me as a friend on DisFriends and Twitter!

- Britt
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Top Five Creepiest Things at WDW [26 May 2008|12:01am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Egads! I owe you guys pictures from my trip to Florida last month. I've been so busy with work at home, I completely forgot. I will still get the pictures to you guys! Until then, though, I recommend checking out http://www.youtube.com/brittneynalyssa to see some videos me and one of my friends made in Florida. One of which is the "Top Five Creepiest Things At Walt Disney World", which I'm posting here for you all to check out! Enjoy!


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OMG, I'm Posting! Yeah, I'm in Florida. [26 Apr 2008|12:28pm]
Cross-posted in bribri710

So I've been in Florida for the past week and a half, comtemplating on whether or not to write in this thing every now and then, but then not writing at all.

Now I am ready and willing to fill you in on the happenings of my life while being here.

Work. I've been working. Art of Disney hasn't changed much. People still take their jobs too seriously, and threaten to drain my happiness with the freakish amount of tension resting on everyone's shoulders there. Fun times at Disney, right? Yeah.Overall, it's fun, though. It sucks not being all that close with anyone that works there, but since I'll be in and out of town and won't have to be around them all of the time, I guess it works out.

In other work related news, a cockroach fell on a lady I work with a few nights ago. It was the same cockroach I'd seen that morning when I was opening up the cash registers. Sorry, I didn't kill it due to my overwhelming urge to throw the money that was in my hands at the time and run screaming out of the doors. I don't handle big bugs well. It's nice to know that it fell on her, though, so I know they got rid of it. Now I don't have to constantly worry about something crawling up my pant leg.

In non-work related news, I've been having a blast with my friends, but there's one thing that's been bothering me for the past week that I decided to just wash my hands of yesterday. I did my part. I'm staying with my former roommates. Plural. Two to be exact. I only hang out with ONE of them. No, not because the other one has been working, no, that's not why. I mean, she's been working, but between work and sleep, that free time is filled with her boyfriend, and I'm guessing a bunch of college program work friends that are leaving soon. Seriously, what is up with that? I think the entire time I've been here, I've said maybe ten words to her tops. It's nice to know that my two week visit has been overshadowed by the impending departure of her boyfriend next month. I was actually looking forward to hanging out with her, until I realized that I wouldn't be hanging out with her. Sad.

For the record, I'm good with forgiving. I am. Just...don't do the same crap over and over again. Don't ditch your friends for your boyfriend! Especially when said boyfriend isn't even that awesome. Patrick Dempsey? Ryan Reynolds? Sure, I'll get a little mad, but I'd completely understand. Since that's not the case....then, no. I got so frustrated/disappointed/mad about it, but then, remembered exactly who I was and why I don't stress over stuff like that. I don't waste time making efforts to spend time with people I care about if they aren't willing to make that same effort. There's no point to it. I talked to my mom about it, and she said "Maybe she feels left out." Uh. NO. She's been invited, and I would prefer to not hang out with her and her boyfriend as a WE. No thank you!

I will admit that boyfriends are priorities. They are. Potential husbands, right? Sure. There's a balance between a significant other and your friends that you have to maintain, though. It's nice to know where I stand.

As I said though, I've washed my hands of it. There's no reason to let that bother me my entire time here. I've accepted the fact that we aren't going to hang out at all before I leave, and that's really sad, but now unavoidable.

I've been having a blast, though. I haven't really gone to any of the Disney parks besides Epcot and Magic Kingdom, though. Tomorrow I'm going to Tampa to see Bon Jovi and Busch Gardens on Monday. So excited about that! Bon Jovi = Hot, and I've never been to Busch Gardens.

Well, this has gone on longer than intended, and I still have to get ready to embrace the day! I'm going out tonight!

Yay for bucket drinks at Pleasure Island! Expect pictures once I get back home!

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Update on the Possible Florida Trip! [27 Feb 2008|11:50am]
I will DEFINITELY be coming back to Florida in April! I'll be there from April 15th to May 2nd, and I'm extremely excited! In the two and a half weeks that I'll be there, I'll be going to Universal Studios and Busch Gardens, and seeing Adam Pascal and Bon Jovi in concert! Something else fun that's going on is that I'll actually have stuff on video this time around! Thanks to the beauty of tax refunds, I'll be getting another digital camera very soon.

So...not much of an update, but that's all I have for now!

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Better Now Than Never [14 Feb 2008|02:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey! I made a video/slideshow of my college program and figured I'd share it with you guys! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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See Ya Real Soon? [07 Feb 2008|02:38pm]
Guess who just might actually be coming to Florida for a week in April?

I'll keep you posted!

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And That's How the World Decided Brittney Is An Idiot! [28 Dec 2007|07:47am]
[ mood | guilty ]

I actually moved this entry over to my NEW livejournal for the non-Disney related stuff. Check out bribri710, you'll love it!


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Pardon Me While I Steal Some Internet... [16 Dec 2007|08:31pm]
[ mood | predatory ]

I'll keep this very brief since I'm actually sitting in my car on my laptop...picking up wireless signals. Desperation at it's FINEST. I promise a more detailed entry later...probably an entire week or two from now, but another announcement!

I'm moving back to Louisiana on December 23rd.

It's time for me to go. Florida has been great, but being a full-timer at Disney just isn't for me. Seasonal? That's perfect. Full-time? No.

Like I said, this is brief and completely lacking detail, but I'll update when I get a chance, meaning when I have an internet connection of my own once I'm back home.


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Rants, Roommates, and Rolling Out! Yay for the Letter R! [29 Nov 2007|11:14pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

An update! Yay!

First, an announcement. I'm moving back to Louisiana in a couple of months.

Quitting Disney? No, no. I'm not quitting. I am, however, going to go seasonal and come down in between school semesters (when I can get time off from work to do so).

Why the decision? I will admit that it's a slight case of homesickness, but it'll also be easier on me financially to do so. I want to be closer to my family. I hate the idea of only being able to see them once or twice a year when I'm used to seeing them all of the time. I've been thinking about it for a while now, but never said anything about it because I figured the feeling would pass, but it hasn't, and the idea of being back in Louisiana comforts me a lot.

I probably won't stay there forever (unless I can actually find a good writing job there, if not, I'll probably head to Atlanta), but I don't plan on moving back to Florida, either. Moving out here was a spur of the moment kind of thing, it was fun, and I learned a lot about myself, but I think I'm ready to move on.

When am I moving? I'm aiming for mid to late May. That way, I have time to finish up getting ready to go to school in June, I can look for another job (Okay, I keep saying that I don't want to do the Disney store, but I might...but maybe not. I don't know.), and I can take a trip out to California to see my best friend's fashion show.

So that's the plan! I'm still keeping this journal open, though, because I'll be back at Disney, and I'm sure I'll have things to talk about.

Speaking of things to talk about, I definitely owe you all an update!

Work is going great, I got another Great Service Fanatic card a few days ago, along with two movie tickets for whatever movie I want to see, which is awesome. I actually feel like they're accepting me at work now, and realizing how awesome I am! Haha!

Schedule for Dec. 2nd - Dec. 8th
Sunday: 5:15pm - 11:30pm
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 8:30am - 4:15pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday: 3:30pm - 12:00am
Saturday: 5:00pm - 12:00am

So to catch you up on some stuff that happened throughout the month...
Garden Grill PicturesCollapse )
I look crazy in just about all of these pictures, haha, but it was fun!

Alyssa and I tried to put together a little surprise get together for Stephie's birthday. FAILED ATTEMPT, definitely. Alyssa and I don't know who Stephie works with. Granted, Stephie talks about work ALL OF THE TIME, but I have no idea as to who those people are. So, we ask her boyfriend, Ben. Um...yeah. Let's just say that the whole things ends up with me, Stephie, and Alyssa at Starbucks. That's all. Ben showed up later, ended up spending the night at our apartment, but that's a whole different story...but not really. We did give Stephie her gifts, though, and she liked them!

On November 18th, I was in the Family Fun Day parade at the Magic Kingdom with Alyssa and Stephie! It was so much fun! We were in Daisy's group! You know what else was fun, though? SPLASH MOUNTAIN! I finally got to ride Splash Mountain again after not riding it for months. Oh, how I missed it so...Oh! I got my Splash Mountain snow globe, too! FINALLY!!

I also got picked for the Frontierland Hoedown! It was crazy because Stephie, Alyssa, and I were trying to get a picture with Br'er Rabbit when all of a sudden Stephie and I get pulled into the hoedown! One guy was going to pick Alyssa, but then he went with Stephie because she had a birthday button on, and then I got picked, and my partner gave my stuff to Alyssa and pulled me out there! It was lots of fun, really unexpected, but fun! After the hoedown, we met up with two of Alyssa's friends from work and headed to Studios.

We ate at the ABC Commissary and then watched the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. We also briefly visited the Spectacle of Dancing Lights. Alyssa, Akiem (one of Alyssa's friends from work), and I danced around to the music and just goofed off completely. The plan was to come back to Magic Kingdom to see Wishes, but we were too late. So instead, Alyssa and I rode Splash Mountain, and then we went home.

November 18th Pictures!Collapse )

On November 20th, it was Stephie's birthday. I got up and went to the store to get some more of the food for Thanksgiving (I can't remember when we started getting the food, but that doesn't matter. Thanksgiving is a story in itself.), and I picked up a cake and a card for Stephie. November 20th was also when my family from Atlanta came in town, yay! I actually didn't see them until the next day, though. Which brings me to my next topic...THANKSGIVING. Dun dun dun...

Thanksgiving. The day when get with our families, reminisce, and pig out on lots of food. I started getting things ready two days earlier, and we started cooking the food the day before. My cousin, Danielle, was staying with me for the next few days, which was cool because I didn't think I'd get to see any of my family for Thanksgiving at all. I'm going to try to keep the Thanksgiving issue short because I seem to always slip into this HUGE RANT whenever I start talking about it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the food was good. As a matter of fact, the food came out great! I was proud of us. When I say us, I mean, me and Alyssa. Stephie contributed...wine and a store-brand pumpkin pie. Why didn't she help cook, you ask? Same reason she doesn't do housework very often. She was tired from work (Um...okay, but...Alyssa and I are both working six day weeks, we're tired everyday, but we still manage to take out the trash and do dishes every now and then.). Because this is where I usually go into a rant, that's all I'll say about Stephie not cooking. Oh yeah, she didn't help clean either, oops. Danielle did, though. She doesn't even live there. Okay, I'll stop now. SO THEN, her boyfriend spent the entire evening getting on our nerves by making all these comments about burning the apartment down from our cooking and about how because his family is Jewish, they eat lasanga and/or Chinese food for Thanksgiving (Since when does being Jewish have anything to do with how you celebrate Thanksgiving? It's THANKSGIVING. Think about it.), when he wasn't talking to Stephie about work. It was just annoying, and I'm pretty sure I told everyone I ran into about that night. Everyone except, Stephie...you know, she could have AT LEAST said thank you, though.

Alyssa and I didn't bring up how upset we were that night because it was Thanksgiving and we didn't want to put a damper on the evening, so we were trying to figure out a time to talk to her about not helping us out really that night and about her helping us out with the housework, too, but the day we actually planned on bringing up (which was November 25th), we didn't talk about it because we were heading to the movies for a girls' night out to see Enchanted, which, by the way, BOTH my roommates saw before I did. I knew Alyssa was going to see it with a friend from work (she told me and Stephie about it the night we had the birthday gathering for Stephie), so Stephie and I planned on seeing it together one night. Funny thing, though, the night before, Stephie went to see it with Ben and some friends from work. Actually, it's not funny at all. I wasn't even mad about her going to see it after we'd made plans to see it together (though, it's a little messed up, and totally cost her some points with me...well, MORE points after Thanksgiving). What I WAS mad about is that she DIDN'T TELL ME because she didn't want me to be mad about it. Really? REALLY? So let's pretend that you didn't see the movie the night before. That's NICE. I'd rather you be completely up front with me...less likely to make me mad that way, trust me. Please don't try to guess how I'll feel, my feelings tend to get pretty spontaneous. I'm full of surprises! By the way, I thought the movie was great! I loved it!

Thanksgiving-related PicturesCollapse )

I feel a little bad for never actually getting around to talking to Stephie, though, and I guess it IS "better late than never," but I just don't see a point now. I'm pretty much over it at this point, it just throws me off that Alyssa and I are the younger ones, and yet, I feel like I'm older. Age means nothing. (I knew that, but I there's always hope that one day it'll count for something, right? Well, it counts for drinking...actually, no, not even for that. Oh well.)

On Tuesday, I went to Magic Kingdom with Alyssa and one of her friends from work to watch the Dreams Come True parade (*cough*andrideSplashMountain*cough*), and had a blast. Then, I met up with Shelley and Kevin at Epcot. The tree lighting show at Epcot is adorable! I'm loving that I'm going to be here to see Disney at Christmas. I really want to go around World Showcase and check out the different things going on for the holidays. I'll get around to it eventually. Looking forward to it! After getting freakishly rained on at Epcot, I came home, took a shower, and headed over to Shelley's apartment to watch Hairspray and just hang out (something we haven't been able to do in a long time).

Yesterday night, we were supposed to have a girls' night out at Adventurers Club (hey, we haven't gone in almost three weeks. It's a new record! Haha! Whatever.), but somehow Ben turned into one of the girls for the night because he was definitely there. Joy. We still had fun, though. I'm gonna miss that place whenever I go back to Louisiana, but I still have six months to enjoy it.

Well, on that note, I guess I'll bring this entry to a close. Sorry to those who I've offended, okay, so I'll just apologize to Stephie. There's no reason for anyone else to be mad about anything that I've written, but some things just need to be said. Granted, I probably should have also said something about it in person, but...timing was all messed up, so oh well. Now it's out it the open!

Enjoy the pictures!


P.S: Shelley and Kevin is definitely not the same as Stephie and Ben. NEVER. Kevin is awesome. The end!

Magic Kingdom and Epcot PicturesCollapse )

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Ramblings Of My Brain...Or Heart...Or Some Other Internal Organ... [06 Nov 2007|08:29pm]
Just felt like writing because I'm sitting on the couch listening to music and singing while cartoons play in the background...I'm such an adult. I miss singing!

You know, I was looking back at my old entries, and some of the stuff I read threw me off a little. Obviously, I just say whatever I feel at the time that I'm feeling it, and I definitely threw around the word "favorite" a lot...Oh well, just an observation.

Alyssa and I went to Garden Grill this morning! Stephie went to work and missed out on the food...delicious food. Food that we definitely don't get in our apartment. I'm pretty sure my body thanked me for not stuffing myself with fast food and stuff from the freezer. Which brings me to my next two points. Number one, I really need to start cooking for myself. I'm fully capable of eating something other than Uncrustables, frozen pizza, and fast food. So let's make that a goal. I felt so guilty after last month because of how much fast food I ate. I never eat that much fast food. Point number two, I need to find a good gym out here! I was starting to get back into going to gym right before I moved out here, and now I'm into exercising again...when it's convenient for me (I really don't want to jog around my apartment complex. No, thank you.), so I'm pretty much limited to my pilates DVD, which I haven't been able to do because my floor is covered in clothing (I'm working on that now with the help of the washing machine and dryer).

After Garden Grill, we walked around World Showcase. I really wanted a Three Caballeros shirt, but I couldn't get one since all they had left were the kid sizes! Nooooo!!! I was really disappointed. Better luck next time, I guess. I wanted to get Speed Racer stuff from the store in Japan, but once again, I was DENIED! No Speed Racer stuff. Sad. We made a stop at Mouse Gear so Alyssa could get the Holiday Wishes CD, and then headed back to the apartment. I was meeting Shelley so we could head over to Studios, yay! I missed going to the parks. I haven't been able to go to any of them in a while and actually ride stuff. I still haven't been on Splash Mountain since...I don't even know when. September, maybe? Maybe before that, who knows. I miss Splash Mountain.

Shelley and I headed to Studios, and had a grand time. We did some window shopping, rode Tower of Terror and Rock'N Rollercoaster, and searched for Stephie. I could only take the High School Musical music for so long, though...it's just so awful. I thought my ears were going to start bleeding when we got close to the float, and I couldn't get away fast enough. I'd completely forgotten that it got moved to Streets of America since that Super Soap thing is coming to Studios...or it's already there. I don't know, I'm so out of touch with what's going on right now. It feels like I'm always either working or at home. Blah.

Subject change! I'm a lot more optimistic than I thought I was. I'm socially awkward in most situations.

Okay, so I knew the whole socially awkward thing, that's just me. I should really work on that, though. I just never know what to say to people sometimes, though, because I'm too preoccupied with my thoughts. This isn't ALWAYS, though, and I've actually improved when it comes to holding actual conversations. Doesn't help that I'm a little shy, too. Oh well, that's me, but even I will say that at times I can daydream TOO much. I'm trying to stay in the present. Another thing to work on. Stay in the present. Stay in the present. STAY IN THE PRESENT.

I'm good.

I miss wearing hats. My hair needs to grow FASTER! I want to be able to straighten it out and play in it like I used to. I miss my hair. I miss hats. They just look weird now. You know what looks good? Sweaters.

Pumps and boots.

I'm addicted to sweaters, pumps, and boots right now. I finally got a pair of ankle boots that I just had to have, but I need MORE. More boots and pumps! Sweaters!

I'm trying to get used to wearing a pair of shoes that Clarice got me one year for my birthday. Based on looks alone, they're my FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES. Favorite! Based on comfort, my least favorite. They're just an inch too high for me to walk in without looking like I can't walk in heels at all. So I've made it a goal to practice walking in these shoes just so I can wear them to Pleasure Island one night. I definitely need to get out more. Speaking of which...

I've decided to make it a point to get out and into Orlando. I can't remember if I mentioned this or not. Disney is great and all, but I want to actually LIVE in Florida, find out what else is out there. I want to go see museums and parks and malls and find out what kind of randomness Florida has to offer. I want to go fishing, even though I'm squeamish. I want to go see plays and concerts. I want to make more friends, but I'm pretty bad at making friends since I'm really bad at keeping up with people. I just want to do stuff!

I've got to get out more.


By the way, I really want to get my hands on a copy of The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters by John Grant. I want the most recent edition of it, which I THINK is the one with Hercules in it. Not sure, though. I want this book, though! It's amazing.
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I'll Be Spending November Recuperating From October [05 Nov 2007|01:31pm]
[ mood | love ]

Dear fellow Art of Disney cast members:

I'm twenty-one years old. I don't need someone to teach me elementary school math, I'm fully capable of counting money. I realize that I haven't been there long and I don't know everything yet, but I don't appreciate it being implied that I'm slow. I'm definitely NOT.


I like working there, though. I really do! It's just that some things are SO AGGRAVATING. I don't feel like some of the cast members there have enough faith in me, and I still have to prove myself to them or something. Screw that. I don't have to prove myself to them. They're either going to see that I'm awesome or they won't...

They better see that I'm awesome.

I seriously don't need some one teaching me how to count rolls of coins, though. I know that three rolls of pennies equals one dollar and fifty cents. I also know that two rolls of quarters is twenty dollars, two rolls of dimes is ten dollars, and two rolls of nickels is four dollars. Yes, folks, this happened just two nights ago. One of the cast members was showing me their closing procedures, and started teaching me how to count rolls of coins. I had to tell him halfway through showing me how to count out three hundred and fifty dollars that I already knew how to do it because I worked at a Disney resort. I'm new to the Art of Disney, not new to the Disney company.

I feel like some people are trying to test my intelligence, seriously, but instead, they're testing my patience.

November 11th - November 17
8:00AM - 4:45PM
Monday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 11:45AM - 5:00PM
Thursday: 11:15AM - 5:30PM
Friday: 7:00AM - 3:15PM
Saturday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Overall, everything is going well. I sold my first painting that crossed the $1000 mark yesterday! Along with some other stuff, but I was most excited about the painting! The painting was "Winter Walk" by Peter Ellenshaw. Enough about work, though!

Last night, Alyssa and I went to Adventurers Club. Stephie met us there with a guy that she works with...well, and who could quite possibly be her boyfriend right now, but I'm not completely sure, but ANYWAY!

Alyssa and I got there and were just sitting down talking when over strolls Hathaway Brown, who gives us each a kiss on the hand (and I was actually able to hold my eye contact instead of blushing and looking away like I USUALLY do, yay me!), and I have no idea about whether or not he said anything else. He's just hot.

Oh, and I should probably mention that on the way to Pleasure Island, we didn't know if Stephie was bringing Ben or not since she never mentioned it to us, so we made a bet. If Stephie brought Ben, I would owe Alyssa a milkshake from Chick-fil-A, and if she didn't then she would owe me one. I shouldn't have even agreed to that! Originally it was five dollars, but uh...no. I knew that was going to be a bet that I was going to LOSE. I even said to Alyssa right after we agreed to the terms of the bet that I might as well set the money aside for the milkshake right then and there because she'd won already.

So anyway, Alyssa and I are watching people come in, and Alyssa sees Jaime! He was hanging out with some of his friends and had just come from Comedy Warehouse (...*blank stare*...). So he came over and talked to us for a while. It got a little weird for two seconds because Graves came over and made eyes at Alyssa before standing with us for a second, and looking at each us, but we didn't have anything to say, haha! Jaime, Alyssa, and I had been in mid-conversation! So Graves just says, "Okay then!" Then turns and walks away.

Alyssa and I made another bet, this time for waffle fries, about who was going to be Emil that night...and she won. AGAIN! So now I owe her waffle fries AND a milkshake. Too bad I didnt make a bet out of Hathaway Browne and Graves because I was right about BOTH. What is WRONG with me. She pretty much has an entire Chick-fil-A meal now. LAME! Oh well.

Stephie finally arrived a little after nine...with Ben. Milkshake for Alyssa.

We go into the library to watch the Balderdash Cup (Jaime is back with his friends), and the four of us sit on a bench right next to the stage. When Hathaway saw us all during the show, he looked at Ben and then the three of us, giving us a "WTF" look. We usually don't have a guy with us, haha! So later that night, we're all sitting in the main salon when he comes over, and is like, "Who is this?!" Either Alyssa or Stephie answered, "That's Ben!" Hathaway then says something along the lines of, "Wasn't I enough for you? I thought we all had something special..." Really, I can't remember what he said, I'd had a mudslide by this time and it was strong, and delicious. So Alyssa goes, "Well, you still have us!" and points to the two of us, and Hathaway says something, though I can't remember what. Then, he comes gives Alyssa and I a kiss on the hand again, gives Stephie some look (So I'm bad at descriptions right now, shut up), then looks at Ben and just says, "Ben," and he walks away.

So I go to the bar and get an amaretto sour. Actually, I could be telling this all out of order since the events of last night are a little fuzzy, but my drinks were good!

I think that's all that really happened at Adventurers Club, besides Stephie and Ben whispering in each others ears all night about who knows what.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Garden Grill with Stephie and Alyssa, hanging out at Epcot for a little while (shopping, yay!), and then going to Studios with Shelley. I'm really looking forward to it!

I need to get some more batteries for my camera.


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It Feels Like It's Been A Year Since I Last Saw You... [28 Oct 2007|04:23pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

So we meet again! Lots of stuff to talk about so let's get it on! Schedule stuff first!

October 28, 2007 - November 3, 2007
Sunday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Monday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Thursday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Friday: 7:00AM - 3:30PM
Saturday: 5:15PM - 12:00AM

November 4, 2007 - November 10, 2007
Sunday: 8:30AM - 2:30PM
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 2:30PM - 9:45PM
Thursday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM - 3:30PM

I haven't made an update since before leaving Old Key West/Saratoga Springs! Let me tell you now, it was bittersweet. I was thrilled to get out of there, but at the same time, I knew that I was going to miss most of the people I worked with. I picked up some hours at Old Key West during my training week at The Art of Disney (since I was only scheduled 25 hours that week). I miss working at Old Key West/Saratoga Springs, I do, but I'm really happy where I am now. I'm having a blast.

Training at The Art of Disney was a little weird, not because the training style was different, but because the store has been REALLY busy lately, and with everything going on, there wasn't a lot of time to actually be trained, so I picked up stuff from my trainers and from being thrown into the ring not knowing exactly what to expect. It was scary at first, but I've learned a lot already. Obviously, since I've only been there two weeks, I still have lots of questions about how things work there, but that's only natural. I'm a lot more talkative with the guests there, and since it's been so busy, I'm constantly running around. I have all sorts of new information to take in, but it's all really interesting, and I'm enjoying myself. I even got my first Great Service Fanatic card there (my second one since I've been working for the company), which was pretty awesome and completely unexpected.

There was a Downtown Disney cast member picnic on October 25th, and I wasn't planning on going to it, but I since I was hanging around Downtown Disney to wait for Alyssa to meet me there, I ended up stopping by. I got a new watch! Well, I got other stuff, too, but I got a new watch! After leaving the picnic, I went and wasted time for three hours until Alyssa showed up. We looked around Virgin for a while, and then headed to Adventurers Club to try to catch the Halloween show. We missed it by half an hours. Oops! We stuck around for the Hoopla, though. We had a good time, considering how crowded the Club was. Egads...

Going back a few days, Alyssa, Stephie, and I went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on October 21st. We were going to meet up with Shelley, but...that's a long and complicated story that even I have forgotten some of the details of. The three of us were going to be the Powerpuff Girls, but since our dresses didn't arrive in time, we thought of something at the very last minute. I was Br'er Rabbit, Alyssa was Br'er Fox, and Stephie was a fairy. The only problem I had with my costume was that I had taken white bunny ears and colored them brown with WASHABLE MARKER. It was raining a little so I had to carry around my big umbrella all night, but it didn't get in the way THAT much. We had lots of fun, though, and lots of cute pictures! There are like, three to five PhotoPass pictures that I want to buy...next week probably. Thank goodness for the holidays!

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party PicturesCollapse )
*In no particular order, but may take a while to load*

Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party PhotoPass PicturesCollapse )
*Obviously, these aren't all of the PhotoPass pictures (We had A LOT), but I'm going to pick a couple of these to buy*

Too bad I don't have any pictures of me and Alyssa dancing to the band playing on Main Street before the parade started...actually, too bad I don't have a video recording of us dancing on Main Street...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We didn't meet them at the Halloween party, but Stephie and I did get to meet Lady Tremaine and the ugly stepsisters!

Honestly, there's probably a lot of stuff I'm leaving out, but I can't remember a lot. It's been a lot of work, work, work, rest, work, work, hang out, go out, sleep in, work, work, and yes, work.

Next week is pretty exciting, though. Sunday, I'm going to Adventurers Club with Alyssa (hopefully Stephie will meet up with us!), and Tuesday I'm going to have my first character dining experience at Garden Grill! I'm super excited about that. Alyssa, Stephie, and I are going to Garden Grill that morning. Then that weekened is the Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney. It's this big event where hundreds of artists come to Downtown Disney to showcase their work. I'm really excited about it. I'm working during the day while it's going on so I think I'm going to hang around Downtown Disney after work to check everything out.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Alyssa with our third completely spontaneous drink at Adventurers Club

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Alyssa with Fletcher Hodges at Adventurers Club

I apologize for any of my entry that doesn't make sense, but hey, at least you get some fun pictures to look at!


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WATCH OUT FOR THAT...Pie?! [08 Oct 2007|08:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Does this REALLY happen to people?

Sunday was a crazy day in general...I was schedule to work at Old Key West, but halfway through my shift, I got sent to Saratoga Springs because three people called in. As soon as I get there, I have to start the grocery orders (They had ten of them, by the way). When it comes to filling grocery orders, there's a register downstairs in the stockroom that we use ring up the groceries and put it all in bags with no interruptions...

The register downstairs was down, and it was busy upstairs, but I still had to ring up the orders upstairs. So that was complete chaos...

And then came...the incident...

So I'm down to my last two grocery orders, and I'm getting ready to go into the cooler to start pulling out eggs and milk for the last two orders. I open the door, take one step inside, and something hits me on the head...HARD. What was this object?


How does that happen?! Thank goodness the pie was in a box when it hit me, and THEN it fell out and onto the floor or else I would have been COVERED. It was hilarious, but I'm glad no one saw it happen. I've been telling everyone the story, though...it's pretty amazing...

I mean, really...how in the world did I manage to get hit by an apple pie? REALLY?! Did that REALLY happen?

Yes. It did.


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Hi, I'm Art, Art of Disney...The Countdown to Full-Time... [06 Oct 2007|05:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Only a week until I go full-time! I’m a little nervous about working in a new place, but everything will be fine. I just don’t really know what to expect. I’m at Old Key West everyday next week, except on Friday, which is my only day at Saratoga Springs.

Schedule for the week of October 7th – October 13th
Sunday: 7:00AM – 3:30PM
Monday: 6:30AM – 3:00PM
Tuesday: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: 9:00AM – 5:30PM (Last day at Saratoga Springs)
Saturday: 3:00AM – 11:30AM (Last day at Old Key West)

Last Sunday, Alyssa and I went to Universal Studios, and had a blast! I actually rode roller coasters! After years of fearing the loops and drops, I can actually say that I’m over it. Yay, me! We went on…

Jurassic Park: (Welcome to Jurassic Park!) We were probably looking forward to riding this most of all. Dinosaurs on the brain all week…weird stuff, I tell ya. The picture was hilarious because our eyes were all bugged out and we looked like cartoon characters. Too bad we didn’t buy it!

Revenge of the Mummy: I had my eyes closed ALMOST the entire time, and it probably wasn’t even as bad as I thought it was. Alyssa kept freaking me out with her OWN fear.

Twister: There are MANY reasons to say “What…the…?” at Universal Studios…and this would probably be in the top FIVE. The build-up to this traged—I mean, attraction might as well be the entire thing. After video after video about how dangerous a tornado can be and how Twister (the movie) was made, you get into the actual room where everything takes place and leave feeling sorry that you wasted ten to fifteen minutes of your life on that. Downgrade!

Earthquake: Considering the fact that I hadn’t been to Universal Studios: Orlando since 1992, I still remembered this ride. Okay, so I’ll be honest, I went to Universal Studios: Hollywood in 2006, and it was the same thing. I actually LIKE Earthquake, but in the same way a person would love a smelly, ratty old stuffed animal that they’ve had since they were five. In my eyes, it’s a classic. I miss Back to the Future, though.

Incredible Hulk: We rode this twice in a row, and walked off dizzy both times, but it was great! I was caught completely off guard at the beginning of the ride, and HAD to do it again.

Storm Force Accelatron: *ahem* Mad Tea Party…that’s all I’m going to say.

Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barge: I like Bluto because he reminds me of Pete, and I only like Pete because he’s a douchebag. If you don’t know who Pete is, shame on you!

The Cat in the Hat: Um…scariest…ride…EVER.

The Dueling Dragon: Amazing!! Fire was definitely my favorite of the two, especially sitting the front. Awesome!

The Flying Unicorn: Per request of Alyssa’s friends at work, Alyssa and I made our way to the back of The Lost Continent to ride this. Remember when I said that Twister was one of the “What…the…?” attractions at Universal Studios? Well, I’d stick this one in the top ten. It’s a fast little rollercoaster that kids would enjoy, but…I’m just not into the whole “I built this ride out of the horn of a unicorn” thing. The thing that freaked me out even more was this adult couple in line in front of us, who OBVIOUSLY loved this ride. They were pretty much drooling over this ride, gushing about how great it was. I was amused, but not convinced, and not impressed either. I think watching people ride it is more entertaining. Five seconds of unicorn fun!

Other happenings at Universal: We literally ran away from the Blues Brothers show. It was bad. Oh, and we laughed at the Marvel superheroes when they were coming to do their meet and greets. Okay, so we just laughed at Wolverine because he looked horrible (and he’s my favorite of the X-Men!), and he heard us laughing and looked over at us, giving us a weird look Whatev.

After Universal, Alyssa went back to the apartment and watched 2Gether and chilled out for the remainder of the evening. We both had to get up early the next day for work.

Monday and Tuesday was spent working, working, and working. Oh boy.

Monday was actually the 36th anniversary of Walt Disney World and the 25th anniversary of Epcot. We got these buttons to wear at work about it, but we can only wear them through the 6th. Alyssa, Stephie, and I were going to go to Illuminations that night at Epcot, but…only Stephie went. Alyssa and I went to Target, got The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and decided to stay in and watch that instead.

Tuesday, we had a girl’s night in and had tacos, Jell-O shots, and played video games. Great fun! Oh, and I had a fight with a moth…and won.

Wednesday, Stephie and I were both off so we were going to visit Alyssa at Epcot and try our hand at some pin trading from a guest’s point-of-view. We didn’t leave until around 3:30PM so the first thing we did was visit Donald in Mexico. He tried to walk away with us! It was a lot of fun. I was sad that Jose wasn’t out there with Donald and Panchito, but…another day, I guess!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

After taking some pictures, we walked around World Showcase and did some pin trading, which was weird at first because I’m used to people coming up to me and asking to trade, not the other way around. So that took some getting used to. I got some cute pins, though! We also stopped in Italy to watch the World Showcase Players. Stephie had never seen any of the shows, so it was fun. Alyssa got off work at 7PM, and we ended up hanging around there until 7:15PM or so because we were pin trading. Alyssa ended up beating us home!

As soon as we were all there, we had to get ready to head to Adventurers Club. We got there in time to catch the Balderdash Cup. Not really going into details (not because I had any drinks, it was just a blur, though), we all had a blast. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I guess running around at Epcot finally caught up with me.

That’s pretty much all that’s going on right now. I’m going to find out my training schedule for Art of Disney really soon! The merchandise coordinator called me the other day to find out what my email address was so he could send it over to me. I left the most ridiculous voicemail, though! I ended up leaving two messages, and in the second one, I didn’t even say my entire email address! I ended up leaving off the numbers completely. I felt so stupid! I’m going to try to call tomorrow and Monday, though. Hopefully, I can make up for the message lacking brain power that I left on the coordinators machine and reverse any damage that’s been done, haha…we’ll see!

Universal Studios PicturesCollapse )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is going on right now! Hopefully, I'll get a chance to go and enjoy it!


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Marching Along...and Getting Stronger Every Step... [25 Sep 2007|09:05pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, well, well...here I am...Again.

Considering the fact that I eventually want to go into journalism, I really should write as much as I can, especially since I don't get a chance to do it much anyway. Even if it is a recap of the happenings in my life.

First things first (Wow, haven't done this in a while), my schedule for NEXT WEEK:

Schedule (September 30, 2007 - October 6, 2007)
Sunday: Off
Monday: 6:30AM - 3:00PM
Tuesday: 7:00AM - 3:30PM
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 8:00AM - 4:30PM (Saratoga Springs)
Friday: 9:00AM - 5:30PM (Saratoga Springs)
Saturday: 3:00AM - 11:30AM

I got deployed this week, and I'm working at Boardwalk. The resort is really nice. I think I'm going to go hang out there one day next week and just do some people watching, maybe take some pictures out there or something. I like how the stores there are set up, but working there isn't all that great. The cast members are nice, and so are the guests, but I guess I'm so taken by the environment that I'd rather be sitting out on the boardwalk having a drink and relaxing instead of working. I'll be there all week, Sunday was my only day off, but I don't think I'll be exhausted by the time the week is over. The work is easy, the hours aren't crazy...it's been a breeze so far.

GREAT NEWS!! I finally went ahead and applied for a full-time position with the company since I was able to, and I got a call back from Casting yesterday. Starting the week of October 14th, I'll be a regular cast member at the Art of Disney shop at Downtown Disney!

Reasons Why This is Awesome:
1. I'm pretty much IN LOVE with that shop.
2. I'm into art, and I actually know a little about it since I studied it on and off for a few years (fifth grade to my sophomore year in college) after my parents kind of forced me into the talented art program when I was ten.
3. It was one of my top choices when it came to a work location.
4. I can't really afford anything in there so I won't be extremely tempted to buy anything.

Speaking of art, I'm HONESTLY going to get back into drawing again. I know I've said this tons of times, but I've been inspired to stop letting my talents rest on the backburner while I goof off and hang out. For the record, I draw things like this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But I haven't drawn anything seriously since 2005. Not to mention the fact that I owe my Nanny a picture...yeah...procrastination. It's a really detailed picture, though, since like...at least ten of my relatives are in the picture. I'm going to have to work back up to that, so I'm going to draw some pictures of my friends, maybe a couple from Adventurers Club, just to get used to the pencils again. Oh, and for those who don't know, I'm a still-life kind of person. I draw from pictures, using a grid for the outline, and then doing all the shading completely free-hand. I'm pretty sure that if I was drawing a person who was sitting right in front of me, they would end up looking like Shrek...not good. I want to take my own pictures and draw from them, though, just so I can have complete creative control over what I'm drawing.

Enough about that, though!

The Apartment
Oh my...our apartment...is crap, no joke, but it's gotten better. There's a list of things that don't work that we have yet to call maintenance about, but it'll get done, because seriously, we NEED our garbage disposal and dishwasher to work. I would appreciate it very much.

Then there was the whole scorpion incident...we had a SCORPION in our apartment! Everyone I talked to said to call pest control for our apartment, so I do, and guess what? We didn't have pest control that week. Um..what?! So instead, we keep scorpion and spider spray nearby. We haven't seen it in a couple of weeks, so we're assuming that it's gone by now. I've never seen an actual scorpion in my life, so I freaked out. Not to mention the fact that I'm terrified of bugs anyway. (Except for love bugs, that is. I go ninja on those things.)

Things could be better, but they aren't COMPLETELY bad, and well, we're definitely getting what we're paying for.

Pirate Princess Party
I don't remember exactly what DAY I went to the Pirate Princess Party, but I did go! I went with Alyssa, Stephie, Shelley, and Kevin. It was not a good experience at all. We got into a car accident on the way there, for starters. After sitting out there with the cops, the guy who rear-ended Stephie's car, and the family in the car that was in front of us who also got hit (So at this point, it should be knowm that it was a three-car accident, and we were in the middle of it.) for TWO HOURS, the Pirate Princess Party was half-way over and we were all angry. We did get there in time to see the awesome fireworks, but that was the only good thing that happened that night. Okay, not the ONLY thing. We took a picture with an awesome Minnie and I got free candy. That was good, too. Oh! And I got into a sword fight with another cast member, and that was awesome, Alyssa even jumped in for a second. I ended up winning (Of course!), but then the guy poked me in the butt with his sword! Alyssa ran away like Jack Sparrow, which was hilarious!

We did end up getting a refund for it, though, considering we got into an accident on the way there and missed half of it. We called guest relations before we left the site of the accident to see if it would be possible first. We did get some cute pictures, though...I had a huge headache when we left, and I was definitely looking forward to going to bed.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Alyssa attacking the chief

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
All of us with Princess Aurora

Adventurers Club
So the nights at Adventurers Club have gotten increasingly...um...interesting? Not that it wasn't interesting before, I love that place. The last few times, Alyssa and I have had to go alone, though. I can only recap the last night we went (which was Sunday night) accurately, even after the mudslide that pretty much slapped me in the face, and was oh, so delicious, but let's see if I can remember some stuff that didn't happen Sunday...

- One of the cast members there (he was Fletcher the last couple of times we've seen him) gave us hugs the past few times we've seen him there and told us how happy he was to see us. He also made faces and waved at us from backstage during the Radiothon while Alyssa and I were sitting off to the side of the stage, causing us to start laughing. No one else knew what was going on.

- Some random guy followed Stephie, Alyssa, and me around Adventurers Club all night. He wanted to get with Stephie, BUT she had already turned him down, so um...what's the deal?

- Some OTHER random guy always stares at me and Alyssa from the bar...and it's the SAME GUY that Fletcher encouraged to talk to us (because he noticed the guy staring at us) one night a few weeks ago, so this staring thing isn't new. It's just weird.

- About two weeks ago, the third new member induction ceremony turned into a big sing-a-long of theme songs and commercials. All because this one kid came in, and they immediately said that he looked like the guy from "The Greatest American Hero," which he did, haha! Graves sang the HoneyCombs song!

- I JUGGLED ORANGES in Adventurers Club...enough said.

- Alyssa got a slap on the hand from Fletcher for having a Friends purse.

Yeah, that's pretty much all I can remember, haha. Kirk still calls me the birthday girl, we've actually started talking to the cast there more...sort of...and I still look forward to our weekly trips there. We usually go on Sunday or Wednesday.

Okay, so Sunday started off BADLY. Alyssa and I were planning on going to the beach that day, and then Adventurers Club that night, but due to rain, the beach plan was scratched and we decided to go to the mall instead to see if we could find a cute top or something to wear to Pleasure Island that night. The rain was bad, the mall was crowded, and we couldn't find A THING. We came close a few times, but...no. After two hours, we pretty much said, "Screw this," went and had lunch in the food court and got out of the mall as fast as we could. I had a huge headache from this one store in the mall that smelled like feet and rubber...gross. We were both in sour moods when we left, and then got stuck in traffic! Not because an accident was blocking the road, no, because there was an accident on the SIDE of the road that everyone and their mother was trying to look at! Once the two of us got back to the apartment, we had Smirnoff Ices and started getting ready for the Adventurers Club, which were were HOPING would make our day so much better.

That night at Adventurers Club...it was just me and Alyssa. Stephie and Shelley had to work. (Aw!) Craziness followed soon after we got there once Emil walked in...Alyssa said "Hi" to him, and he uncomfortably said "Hi" back to her, but then sits down and starts yelling at us to stop staring at him! Haha! We were both like, "What...the?" So we're trying not to look, but we have to look, and it's a big mess, haha! So Fletcher comes over, and asks what's wrong, Emil says that we keep staring at him, Fletcher tells him that the Adventurers Club is a social club and that people look at each other when they speak to each other. Emil keep saying, no, yelling that we're staring at him, and then starts pointing out other people staring at him from around the room. He points at one guy wearing a Splash Mountain shirt, saying that "No one is staring a that guy, and he has a buzzard on his shirt!" To which Fletcher replies, "He's also not drawing attention to himself by yelling..." Samantha ended up coming over there too, and Alyssa and I keep avoiding looking at Emil so he won't yell at us anymore, haha! He starts hiding behind Bessie...it was crazy. So that's how our night began...

We had British Graves that night, and this guy is one of our favorites. We have lots of favorites, though. Actually, before I go on, let me just say that we had an awesome cast on Sunday. So ANYWAY, I'm going to rewind. We had cajun Otis that night, who everyone was mocking all night. During the Balderdash Cup, Emil found a hat that looked like Otis' and started jumping around the stage doing an impression of him. SO funny!

Then during the Radiothon, Alyssa and I were sitting on the side of the stage, and after Pamelia sings "Hard-Hearted Hannah" and broke the news that they would have to close down the club due to a lack of funds, she holds my hand and I hold Alyssa's hand, and she tells us that the three of us are going to meet at Denny's to talk about the hardships of being a woman and about the club closing down. Graves was making eyes at Alyssa from the stage...he always makes eyes at Alyssa, though...which leads me into our encounter with him later that night...

Alyssa and I are sitting the Main Salon, I'm slightly intoxicated from a mudslide that I'd sucked down, and we were complaining about work and talking about how much we didn't want to go. We were sitting on the side facing the bar. Behind us was a group of regulars having a grand old time. So Graves comes over to us and points to the group of regulars behind us saying "That side of the room is so happy, but this side looks sad.." Okay, so it wasn't those EXACT words, he made it sound much nicer, but anyway, so he asks us what's wrong, we tell him that it's work, and he's like, "Is there anything I can do to help? Anything at all?" The two of us just kind of stare at him because 1) He's hot. 2) He doesn't usually talk to us. 3) I was slightly intoxicated... So he looks at me, waiting for an answer, which is right on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't get it out, my brain wasn't functioning right at all obviously, so I look over at Alyssa, and say, "Alyssa?" It was pretty much the equivalent to "HELP?" Haha! She was thinking of the EXACT same response to his question, but couldn't manage to get it out either, haha! It was definitely shock, though. So the three of us end up kind of staring and nodding at each other for a second, haha (I'm sure we were looking at him like he had three heads...I don't even know). So eventually he goes, "If you think of anything I can do to help, just let me know." We barely managed to say "Okay." That was bad, haha! Oops! I can blame some of it on the liquor, though...a little bit of liquor, a little shock, a little fear, an improv actor, and you've got the makings for a slightly awkward, yet amusing exchange between three people! Yeah, I sobered up REALLY QUICK. Alyssa and I have been laughing about it since it happened.

I was carrying my small purse that night, and Samantha and Pamelia came over and talked to us. They started talking about how small my bag was, and how that was the popular thing right now, so we started talking to them for a little while, Pamelia brought up the Denny's thing again, then brought Graves into the conversation, and then the conversation turned back to my purse how miniature items were fashionable, and at one point, Graves says, "Well, I'm happy to be UNfashionable." And then makes eyes at Alyssa.

At some point in the night, Emil was in a doorway, opening and closing the door, waiting for me and Alyssa to look over at him, but we didn't! We wanted to look over, but managed to avoid it, haha!

The night was great...I don't have any pictures from it, BUT here are some other pictures from Adventurers Club:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Shelley and me

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Hathaway Browne (The guy in the photo was our Graves on Sunday)

Oh, and during the third member induction ceremony, this man got up to leave and Otis called him out saying "Oh, are you going back to Jurassic Park?" Alyssa and I started cracking up...and honestly, the guy was old, but that's not why Otis said that! The man leaving actually LOOKED like the owner of Jurassic Park in the movie, and it seemed like we were the only ones that got that! I hope not, though!

There is probably stuff I'm leaving out, but it's gotten to the point that the morning after I've gone to Adventurers Club, I feel like I hadn't been there at all...like I've had a few drinks...it's weird.

So that's what's been going on with me lately! On Sunday, Alyssa and I are going to Universal Studios, and I'm really excited! I haven't been there since 1992...the one here I mean. I went in California in 2006. So yeah...I'm going to ride roller coasters...big, scary ones...not Disney ones...so am I afraid?

YES. I'm going to do it, though. I try everything once or twice, maybe even three times. Plus, it's high time I got over my roller coaster fear. I didn't use to be so afraid of them!

Cast Pin Party
I went to my first cast pin party today with Alyssa, Shelley, and Stephie! Talk about addicting! I really didn't think I would come out to Florida to work for Disney and end up getting hooked on collecting pins, but I did! I ended up buying like...seven or eight pins (I can't remember exactly how many) for less than $20 and a $10 grab bag (I'm going to trade all of them, EXCEPT for the one of Flounder that was in the bag). Then, I went to Company D and got a pin book (Finally! I've been needing one!) After all that was done, we went to Wendy's for lunch, and headed home.

Hopefully, I won't be a stranger when it comes to writing in this thing anymore. Here are two more pictures!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Bunson and Beaker on the Muppets Mobile Lab at Epcot (It's gone now, but it was so cute!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Stephie with Mickey at Animal Kingdom


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I'm About Two Weeks Late...Pictures Included! [22 Aug 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, my college progam is over! I'm happy that it's over, but sad that it's over....sort of. I'm much more happy, though, haha! This entry would have been here sooner, BUT my computer crashed and I couldn't do anything on it. Luckily, Shelley's boyfriend, Kevin, fixed it for me, the only problem is that I lost everything on my computer. I knew that was going to happen, and came to terms with it, so now here I am! 

First, on my college program, I'm so glad that I did the program. Though I didn't do EVERYTHING I said I would do while on my college program, I still had a blast. I've made friends that I seriously couldn't imagine not being in my life, and I've definitely grown as a person since I've been out here. Even though I grew tired of the college program, it wasn't because I thought it was a mistake to do, it was just that I was so ready to do MORE outside of the program. I love working for Disney. I love that I'm working for a company where I can do so many different things and continue my growth as a cast member. I'm definitely looking forward to a promising future within the company.

On with the show...

Since my birthday (which apparently was my previous entry), my dad came to visit me, finally! I was really excited for him to come here because it was his first time ever at Walt Disney World. His visit was at a weird time, though, since it was so close to the end of the program and I was in the process of moving things over to my new apartment. It all worked out, though. He got me lots of stuff for the apartment, and we still had time to enjoy ourselves. Alyssa had some friends in town at the same time, so they were staying in the unfurnished apartment,, and I was staying at Pop Century with my dad. We did all but one park, which was Disney-MGM (soon to be Disney's Hollywood Studios).

The day my dad left, I had to work, and it was my second to last day of work while on my college program. I worked with Seung that night, and it was her last day of work (Awwwwww). My last day actually wasn't until Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, me and Cindy (another CP with the August 10 departure day) were presented with these certificates saying "Good Luck" in the middle of our shifts. It caught me completely off guard because our managers came out and made a big announcement to everyone in the store. Cindy started crying, which made one of the managers cry. It was really sweet, though.

Wednesday was the College Program graduation! Shelley, Alyssa, Stephie, and I headed to Mickey's Retreat. We got pictures with Donald and Minnie, got our graduation hats, had some food, and then headed to Magic Kingdom to take more pictures there. We had an awesome time. Alyssa and Stephie had to work (Alyssa was working at Magic Kingdom that day, though), so we split up. Shelley and I went to our apartments to change clothes, and we headed to Adventurers Club. Alyssa met up with us after she got off work.

The next morning, Alyssa and I packed up our clothes and made a stop at Downtown Disney before we headed to Gulf Shores. Alyssa was dropping me off there on her way to Missouri. I spent the night in Gulf Shores with my family, and the next morning, we headed to Baton Rouge. It was nice being at home for a week, just spending time with my family and my dog, and just relaxing. After hanging out at home, Alyssa came back to Louisiana on Thursday, spent the night at my house, and then we headed back to Florida on Friday. The ride back to Florida seemed so much shorter than the ride away from Florida.

Kevin helped Alyssa and I get all of our stuff out of her car...and it was A LOT...and we brought it upstairs, dumped it off in the apartment, and put up little things before going to bed. I had to go to work the next day, which I instantly regretted because I would have much rather spent the day unpacking and getting the new apartment set up.

So I know this was brief, but to sum everything up, I'm now living in a three bedroom apartment in Clermont, FL with two of my friends, and still working for Disney (for now as a seasonal cast member, but hopefully full-time in September).

Here are the pictures that I owe you guys! You'll have to look at them through my online albums because I don't have the original files on my computer anymore, so check them out and enjoy!



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Birthday Recap [12 Jul 2007|06:43pm]
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Let me say that my birthday was AMAZING! I was completely satisfied with the fact that it was going to be awesome because I would be spending it with my friends, but I was totally caught off guard by how great everything turned out!

First things first...I’m working at Port Orleans all week next week. Yay for being deployed!

Work Schedule (July 15th – July 21st)
3:30PM – 12:00AM
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
Thursday: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
Friday: 7:30AM – 4:00PM
Saturday: Off

Now for my birthday recap!

I spent the night before hanging out at Alyssa and Stephie’s apartment watching 1776 and working on my scrapbook. We even got to hang out with Shelley after she got off work, which was awesome because we haven’t seen a lot of her because of work and her new apartment out here (That will be Alyssa, Stephie, and I soon!) so that was great. Apparently, Shelley got into it with one of our new roommates (who I don’t really care for so I keep to myself whenever they’re here) about how she and her friends leave dirty dishes in the sink all the time (Shelley left a little message for them on the apartment dry erase board about it, and she wasn’t too happy about the note. Oops. Oh well). Shelley and I didn’t leave until after midnight since everyone was planning on sleeping in the next day anyway. I opened my birthday card from Shelley, and it was a Muppets birthday card featuring the Swedish Chef, haha! I was cracking up when I saw it. Muppets hold a dear, dear place in all of our hearts.

The next morning, I got up, and I opened my gift from Shelley, which was...

A Splash Mountain poster! Ahh! It’s just like the one that’s hanging up under the train station at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. I’m definitely going to have to get it framed once I move into the new apartment next month. After I changed clothes, I met up with Alyssa so we could go find a CoinStar machine. We ended up stopping to get lunch, too, thinking that Stephie and Shelley were going to eat before we left, too...

WRONG! So in fairness, we went to Chik-fil-A before going to Magic Kingdom so Stephie and Shelley could get lunch too. After everyone had been fed, it was time to go to Magic Kingdom to ride Splash Mountain, right?!

WRONG! Magic Kingdom was crowded and it was really hot, so everyone and their grandmothers were trying to get on Splash Mountain. The wait was 100 minutes long, and we didn’t have that kind of time on our hands. We would have gotten fast passes, but they were for 7:00 - 8:00PM, and by that time, we would be having dinner. Unfortunately, Splash Mountain was out. Since the other plan was to get Dole Whips, that’s where we headed, and who do we see on the way there? Brer Bear and Brer Fox! I couldn’t pass that opportunity up! I didn’t get to ride Splash Mountain. After getting a picture with them, we got Dole Whips and left Magic Kingdom. Sort of. Once we were on the monorail, we were all drained from the heat so we ended up riding the monorail around twice before getting off at the TTC.

At 4:20ish, Shelley and I started getting ready. She had to shower first because I was going to take FOREVER to get ready considering the fact that I had to wash my hair and whatnot. By the time that we literally ran out of the apartment at 6:30PM, I was barely ready. I brought along a pair of heels that had every intention of changing into once we got to Adventurers Club, but then I figured drinking and heels won’t go together well, plus, the flip-flops I had on were really comfortable.

We had reservations at Rainforest Café for 7:00PM, and got there right on time. Once we got seated and everything, we were ready to order. We all shared the Awesome Appetizer Adventure for dinner. Alyssa and I had the calamari, Shelley and Stephie had the chicken strips, and we all shared the crab dip and the chimichangas. For dessert, we had the Sparkling Volcano brownie cake, which was so good. Last time I went to Rainforest Café was in 2004, and in Houston, where they put an actual sparkler firework in the top of it. We all finished eating at around 8PM, which (we thought) meant an hour before we could go to Adventurers Club. I thought it opened late! Oops! So we ended up hanging out in the pin station at Downtown Disney, but then got bored. My first drink was going to be a Kungaloosh, but since we thought that it wasn’t open yet, Alyssa, Shelley, and I got bucket drinks at the booth across from Rock ‘N Roll Beach Club. Alyssa and I got the Blue Paradise drink, and Shelley got the Beach Blast. We walked by Adventurers Club to see if it was open yet, even though it was 8:30PM, and guess what...?

IT WAS! Yay! So in we went!

We made such a big deal about me getting my first wrist band. Alyssa and Stephie took pictures of it, haha! Finally, after months of waiting! When we headed downstairs, they were just opening the doors for the Radio Broadcast. We decided to skip that show and hang out in the Main Salon, which is when the craziness began! Whoo!

Kirk, one of the door hosts at Adventurers Club started talking to us, asking why we weren’t in the show, to which we replied that we were having our own little party out here in the Main Salon, which is about when he noticed that it was my birthday. He asked how old I was today, and I don’t even remember the entire conversation, but he said something along the lines of, “If you look like this at 21, I can’t wait to see what you look like at 61!” Sugar Snap, one of the maids at Adventurers Club, came through the room, and Kirk said that it was my birthday, causing her to exclaim from the other side of the room, “It’s your birthday?!” She is so sweet! She always speaks to us whenever she sees us at Adventurers Club, and she’s lots of fun. So anyway, she’s like, “I have something for you!” She goes to the back, gets one of the Adventurers Club pins, and says, “Do you have one of these already? You probably do, right?” But she gives it to me anyway, and says that she’s going to go and get something else for me and disappears into the back again. Shelley takes the pin away from me saying that she should have it because she never got one for going onstage with Emil Bleehall during the Melvin the Mollusk song. At first, I was like, “Fine, whatever,” but then I thought about it, and decided against it. So I told her that she could hold it for the nights, but that I was keeping it.

Meanwhile, Kirk was still talking to us, while showing people into the Library for the Radio Broadcast and announcing to everyone arriving that it was my birthday. Otis and Pamelia passed through the room, and he told them it was my birthday, so they told me a quick “Happy birthday!” then went into the back because they were actually in the show. Jessica, one of the bartenders there, came into the room from the Library, and Kirk told her that it was my birthday, so she and TC, another bartender said “Happy birthday” and started talking to us for a little while.

Sugar Snap comes back into the room (after being gone for about ten minutes), holding an upside down bowl with “To: Birthday Girl” and her signature on it with a cupcake on top of it with a candle stuck in the top of it. So she hands it to me saying, “I know it’s not much, but it’s all I could find! Happy birthday!” Then she and Kirk start singing “Happy Birthday” to me. Hopefully I’m retelling this in order, haha! So anyway, Sugar disappears again and then returns later saying that she had something else for me, but it wasn’t much, and she hands me a Tic-Tac. We all started cracking up, but it was nice of her! Haha! So Fletcher Hodges comes into the room and sees us all sitting in the Main Salon. We’re the only people out there because everyone else was watching the show, and he comes over and starts talking to us, tells me happy birthday in his own special way, haha. He sees that I have a birthday pin on, and then goes, “Yeah, everyone has one of those, it’s not like it’s some big accomplishment.” So I replied, “They made me wear it!” To which he says, “What? Did they pin you down?” It was one of those things where you had to be there! So he sits down at the bar and starts talking to us about his 21st birthday, telling us a hilarious story about being in a bar and skiing and waking up the next morning with a trophy. I don’t even know how to explain it! TC was talking to us as well about his 21st birthday, which was funny because he got to start his celebrating early because he lived on the border of two states with two different time zones! So Fletcher comes over to see what we were drinking out of our buckets. We told him what the drinks were called, but we had no idea as to what was in there, haha! I just knew mine had Sprite in it. So he picks up my drink and smells it, then starts naming random stuff like nail polish remover, haha.

The next show was the Balderdash Cup, so when people started coming out of the Library, the four of us went and stood by the doors to the Library. Once the doors opened, Kirk let us in and was like, “Hey Birthday Girl! Go get a seat in the front!” Which is exactly where we were heading anyway! Right before the show started, Otis walked around the room shaking everyone’s hand so they would vote for him, and when he gets to our table, he goes, “I know you’re going to vote for me.” During the show, he gave me the matches and the napkin from Hathaway’s story. I saw when he tossed the matches at me, and I missed them, haha. They bounced right off of my hand, but I got them. I wasn’t expecting the napkin, though. All of a sudden, I saw this white napkin flying at me, and it hit me in the chest! Yay! I got the napkins and the matches! I don’t think anything else happened during that show, other than us all ordering Kungalooshes, which were delicious, by the way!

So we left the Library and headed back into the Main Salon. Stephie was in charge of holding the buckets and my cake because there was no way I could hold it (Evidence of this will be discussed later). We headed back to the doors of the Library to get a good spot for the Radiothon. I don’t remember anything happening between these two shows since we were too busy participating in the New Member Induction Ceremony. During the Radiothon talent show, though, Sugar Snap gave me some shout outs, haha. During her number, she said “Brittney!” in the middle of her song, and then during Hathaway’s song, she said, “Happy birthday, Brittney!” right before passing the microphone off to Hathaway. Aww! During the finale of that show, they sing the club theme song, and Otis looks right at us from the stage and shouts, “Sing it, girls!” Alyssa and I had been talking about our Billy Joel theme park ride, but we started cracking up when he said that, and tried to sing it, but we were laughing way too hard, and it didn’t help when he shouted, “I said sing it!” or something along those lines, and we started laughing harder, but we were singing it! Just laughing and singing. Then, when Otis passed our table, he pointed at Stephie and said, “You weren’t singing!”

After the Radiothon, I really don’t remember EXACTLY what happened since it was a huge gap between shows, but I think this is when we got a picture with Sugar Snap. Did I mention the fact that it was still being announced that it was my birthday? So this group of girls comes into Adventurers Club, and they are all ready to party. Sugar tells them that it’s my birthday and we all gather around to take a picture. The girl taking the picture was CRAZY! Not crazy in a bad way, crazy in a fun way, but crazy nonetheless, haha! After we take our picture with Sugar Snap, Graves comes walking through the room, so we get a picture with him, too! Sugar took the pictures for us! Graves let me hold his “dingy” which you all may call a “bell on a tray”, haha! We took one normal picture and one “PARTY!” picture. That was so much fun! This could have happened earlier in the night, but I really don’t remember.

Soon after this, I believe I dropped the cake, though, haha! Because I had the buckets, and I put them down on a seat in the middle of the room, and the buckets started to fall over, but I caught them, but when I caught them and sat them back up, I ended up knocking the buckets over AGAIN, causing the cake to fall on the floor. Egads! I was still going to eat it, though. It wasn’t on the floor that long. I hadn’t even taken the candle out of it, yet.

So anyway, we decide to head out and go get Jell-O shots at Rock ‘N Roll Beach Club. There’s not much detail to that. We just went and got Jell-O shots. I had the orange one, and it was delicious! After our shots, we went back to Adventurers Club. Otis, Fletcher, Emil, and Hathaway were all in the Main Salon at the same time, so Shelley asked if we could get a picture with them for my birthday, so we did! They pulled me to the middle of the group, so I ended up standing between Otis, Fletcher, and Hathaway, while Shelley, Stephie, and Alyssa stood next to Otis, and Emil was next to them. We got a guy from the bar to take the picture. The first one he took came out good, but the second one, he cut off the heads of people, haha. Needless to say, we kept the first one, haha!

We went to the bar to order more drinks. Shelley got a Bacardi and Diet Coke, while Alyssa and I got Sex on the Beach. Some guy was at the bar doing card tricks, and I can’t remember if it was Shelley or TC who told him that it was my birthday and suggested that he do a trick for me, even though I protested because I had been poking fun at him beforehand, but I played along with it. The guy did two tricks for me, which I was fascinated with for some reason at the time...I don’t even know! Oh, and I forgot to mention that when we got back to the bar, I started talking about Thomas Jefferson and how hot he was, haha! This is a conversation going all the way back to me and Alyssa watching 1776...Thomas Jefferson was hot in that movie! Then I started talking about how I thought I was related to Thomas Jefferson, which I don’t, by the way! So that conversation got carried over into Adventurers Club at the bar, and I was trying to figure out what bill Thomas Jefferson was on...

Stupid me! I sounded SO STUPID. He’s on the two-dollar bill...and that JUST hit me as I type this... Okay, so anyway, Shelley gets her drink and sees that Samantha Sterling is in the room with her book of presidents. She tells Samantha to turn to Thomas Jefferson because I said that he was hot (by this time, I walked over there and was sitting next to Shelley with my drink), and Samantha just starts laughing, and I explain to her the movie thing, and she’s like, “You know it’s a movie, right? It was an actor!” And I go, “I know, I know!” Then I said that I thought I was related to Thomas Jefferson anyway, haha, but I didn’t know that she heard me say it! She starts cracking up, and tries to tell Club President Pamelia Perkins, but couldn’t get it out because she was laughing too hard. Plus, Pamelia missed the whole conversation. So Samantha says something along the lines of “I’m not even going to say that because I’ll get fired.” Oops! Haha! It was a crazy conversation. So then the crazy party girl who took our picture with Sugar Snap announces to everyone that it’s my birthday, haha! After everyone finishes cheering, Samantha thinks it’ll be a good idea to go around the room with everyone sharing stories of their 21st birthdays, which then turned into asking me what I’ve learned now that I’m 21 that I didn’t know when I was 20, to which I replied, “Nothing...” Samantha- “Nothing?” Me- “Nothing.” Then some random lady goes, “The taste of alcohol!” And we just started laughing, and Pamelia goes, “Yeah right!” Haha!

So then Sugar Snap comes out and hands everyone a coffee filter and a bobby pin so that we can make our maid hats. After everyone puts on their hats, she gets up on the Main Salon stage and calls this guy named John (I think that was his name) and me up to help her demonstrate the squirrel dance (“Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail...”). Alyssa got a video of it, but it’s pretty dark. It was fun, though! So after we finish doing that, Sugar goes to the back again to get something for us. Shelley thought she was bringing me another pin (I told her that if I got three pins that I would give her one of them), but she didn’t! Instead, she brought me a letter from Hathaway Browne to a woman named Weggie. It was funny because when she handed it to me, she was like, “I don’t know what this is, but you can have it.” I had a hard time reading the letter after a few drinks, though, so I put it into my purse. Oh, and Shelley finally got her pin. She told Sugar that she never got her pin for going on stage that one time, so Sugar went and got one for her.

I don’t think anything happened during the Rhythm Ritual...there may have been another “Brittney’s birthday” announcement, but I don’t think so. So we headed into the Library for the Hoopla! Hathaway sang the auctioneer song, and we tried to get Alyssa to dance to it since they sometimes sing this song at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. We got her to dance A LITTLE, ha! The craziest thing that happened was when Otis got up to sing his part of “When the Saints Go Marching In” because usually he sings a verse about Emil, but he goes, “I’m going to sing a verse about Brittney, the birthday girl, who’s 21 today!” That caught me completely off guard! So Otis proceeds to say that he’s just making this up off of the top of his head and sings the verse. Pardon me, because I don’t remember exactly how the verse went, but it was something along the lines of, “Brittney/It’s your 21st birthday/You no longer have to drink soda/Now that you’re older/How about a piece of Little Ota”...I completely butchered that just now, but he DEFINITELY said I don’t have to drink soda anymore and the bit about Little Ota because we were cracking up, and then he started blowing me kisses, haha! It was crazy, but so nice! I felt so spoiled by the time the night was over! On the way out, Jessica told me happy birthday, and we got a picture with Kirk, who also wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug before we left.

After we left, we went to the Hess station at Downtown Disney because I really wanted a Powerade, and then we headed back to Chatham to get some sleep because we were all exhausted.

My birthday was awesome! I had SUCH a good time! Sorry if this entry was really choppy and poorly written, haha. It’s not so easy remembering stuff that happened two nights ago on a night that you’d been drinking... A lesson learned!

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Just a Brief Announcement... [10 Jul 2007|01:04am]
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I'm 21!!!


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WHOA! I Skipped the Entire Month of June, but I Finished this Entry Before My 21st Birthday!! [09 Jul 2007|12:01am]
[ mood | relieved ]

Obviously, I haven’t made a new entry since the day before my family came to visit me...Sorry about that. I just haven’t been able to find the time to write an entry and post all of the pictures. Sorry for the length, but this is pretty much the entire month of June and this whole entry took me about a week to write...and no, I didn’t work on it every day. It’s going to be kind of choppy, but says everything that needs to be said. I put every thing underneath a link to make it easier to go to exactly what you want to read about and/or what pictures you want to see (Oh, and believe me, there are LOTS of pictures). Enjoy!

Work Schedule (July 8th – July 14th)
9:00AM – 5:30PM
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 8:00AM – 4:30PM (Saratoga)
Friday: 8:00AM – 4:30PM (Saratoga)
Saturday: 3:15PM – 11:45PM

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Family Visit: June 1st - June 5thCollapse )
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My smokin' hot Coronado Springs costume

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Me and Stephie at Adventurers Club

Star Wars Weekends - June 16th
The day we all went to Adventurers Club, Alyssa, Stephie, and I had the great idea to show up for Star Wars Weekends at 2AM on June 16th. Needless to say, it didn’t work out that way. Stephie didn’t go with us since she had a rough night at work, and Alyssa and I decided to go at 6:30AM instead of two. We got fast-passes to meet Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) during his first set at around 10:30AM or something like that. After getting our fast-passes, we went over to get breakfast at the ABC Commissary and took it over by Star Tours to watch the Jedi Training Academy. The guy leading the Jedi Training works at Adventurers Club sometimes, too! It was my first time seeing the Jedi Training Academy, and it was so cute! After we finished eating and watching the Jedi Training Academy we walked around for a bit, I don’t remember exactly what we did, but we came back over to Star Tours to watch the parade. Alyssa asked if we should stand by the stage or not (because one of the Emcees who announces each guest during the parade ALSO works at Adventurers Club...actually, it was the one who scared Alyssa and Stephie when he ran over and yelled “HI!” Yeah, that guy), and I was like, “Let’s just stand by the stage. It doesn’t matter because he won’t really notice us.” Stupid me! We were right by the stage and right in the front, but even so, we wouldn’t have been noticed HAD IT NOT been for the guy BEHIND us who decided to be a heckler. Not only was he behind us, but he was DIRECTLY behind us. His stomach was poking me in the back...sorry, that was gross. But it’s true! So the emcee comes over, right in front of me and Alyssa, and he sees us...LAME! He doesn’t acknowledge us, but he definitely sees us. I was just thinking, “Crap. That’s just great.” It’s really not THAT big of a deal, but it’s weird seeing the Adventurers Club cast outside of Adventurers Club. Obviously, they have to do MORE than that, but still. I just don’t want to be seen as some stalker, especially since none of us are! Awkward! After the parade, Alyssa and I just wandered around Disney-MGM trying to waste time because we were going to hang out there until we had to go to work at 3PM, but around 1PM, we had to leave. There was just nothing else to do. So we came back to Chatham, had ice cream, and headed to work.
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Encore! Cast Choir
This will be really short because sadly, I had to drop out of Encore! I was just missing too many rehearsals due to visitors and work, and I felt really guilty about missing so much, especially since I couldn’t go to the Sunday morning make-up rehearsals. I wish I could have stayed in it because it was going to be a lot of fun. The first rehearsal was great. I met some new people, and everyone was having a good time. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to participate in next year’s Encore! concert.

Clarice and Sean Visit: June 18th - June 21stCollapse )
Pictures from Clarice and Sean's VisitCollapse )

I had a great time with my friends and family that came to visit me in June, but I’m glad to see July because we all know what that means...

I’m turning 21!!!

The plans for my birthday have been pretty much set in stone. I’m going to get my Florida license on Monday, which isn’t my birthday, but I need a new license before then, and then on Tuesday, which IS my birthday, I’m going to Magic Kingdom to ride my favorite ride (Splash Mountain) and get dole whips with Shelley, Alyssa, and Stephie. We might also make a stop at Epcot to get a picture with Belle and Beast, maybe. We have dinner reservations at Rainforest Café that night, and after dinner, it’s off to the Adventurers Club. I already have a list of drinks that I want to try. Don’t worry, it’s not a LONG list. It’s short enough.

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Wow! Long entry, but I finished it before my birthday, which was my goal in the first place. Sorry I went so long without giving you guys an update!


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